Friday, January 9

Santa Baby!

Sorry to say I've been having blogging server problems... and obviously I've been unable to post this week... seems like the beginning to my New Year is starting out crazier than usual!!

But hopefully I've resolved my server problems and can start sharing my holiday stories with you.... and yes that's Santa himself... we were privileged to have Santa ihmself come to our home on Christmas Eve!!!  Little Brayden was quite impressed.. as were we all!!!

Friday, January 2

New Occasions & Sale-a-Bration!

The Stampin' Up! new Occasions Catalog and Sale-A-Bration begins next week!

By now, for those on my SU Mailing list should have received your new Occasions Catalog and Sale-a-Bration Brochures in the mail. I'm sure you were pleasantly surprised at all the new goodies. Everyone will be able to view the catalog on January 6th when it debuts on the SU website.

Sale-A-Bration also debuts on the 6th! It's that special time of year we all look forward to, when for every $50 you order, you get to pick a FREE product from this catalog.

It's going to be another great year...
I just know it!


Thursday, January 1

New Beginnings!

Welcome everyone to 2015... that is amazing! I'm excited to see what God has planned for each and every one of us this year! It will be a great adventure.... and I'm so glad we're in this together!

Thursday, December 25

Christmas Countdown! #25 - O Holy Night!

O Holy Night 2x2

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Wishing everyone a
beautiful and blessed Christmas
spent with those you love.

See you next year!


Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Countdown! #24 - Mary's Letter to Joseph

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19)

I know we've heard and read a lot of  poems and stories about celebrating Jesus birth... and I hope those I've shared with you this month have touched your heart. But perhaps none has tugged on my heartstrings like the treasure I am sharing with you today. It is a letter that could have been written by Mary. Peek over Joseph’s shoulder as he reads this letter from his beloved.

Image result for images of written letters

I had a dream Joseph. And I don’t understand it not really. But think it was about a birthday celebration for our Son. Well I think that’s what it was about. People had been preparing for about six weeks. They had decorated their house, bought new clothes, gone shopping many times, and bought elaborate gifts. But it was peculiar though because you see, the gifts weren’t for our Son. They wrapped them in beautiful paper and tied them with lovely bows and stacked them under a tree. Yes! A tree, Joseph, right in their house. They decorated a tree.

The branches were full of glowing balls and sparkling ornaments. And there was a figure on top of the tree that looked something like what an angel might look like. Oh, it was so beautiful. Everyone was laughing and happy and all excited about the gifts. They gave gifts to each other, Joseph, not to our Son. I don’t even think they knew Him. They never mentioned His name.

Doesn’t it seem odd for people to go to all that trouble to celebrate somebody’s birthday when they don’t even know Him? I had the strangest feeling that if our Son had gone to this celebration, He would have been intruding.

Everything was beautiful, Joseph. Everyone was full of cheer. But it made me want to cry. How sad for Jesus, not to be wanted at His own birthday celebration. I’m glad that it was only a dream. What if it would have been true?

Is it true??? This year, let’s make sure to invite the honored Guest to His birthday celebration. Set Him a place at the table. Read about His birth on Christmas morning. Wrap Him a gift and place it under the tree. Perhaps write what you’re giving Jesus on slips of paper, wrap it up in a little box, and place it by the nativity. It could be a commitment to pray more, love better, forgive quicker. That's the kind of list I'll be making and checking it twice.

Tuesday, December 23

Christmas Countdown! #23 - Grandma's Little Elf

 Even before Brayden was born, Holly started their family tradition of making a Gingerbread House each Christmas. This year was no different... we set aside one night last week and had a blast!
Finished Product
Brayden even decorated his gingerbread cookie
he got at Christmas in the Park on Saturday.....
He's taking a picture to send to Grandma D...
it was her birthday the same day so we
said we made it for her!
Notice here he added Mr Gingerbread....
And here's my little "elf"....
(can you read his t-shirt?)
Psalms 37:4 Take delight in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart!