Saturday, December 22

Surprise! Tis the Season!

Surprise everyone!!!

I've missed you all so much and just can't stand to be away any longer!!

I still am in casts so my posts will be brief (at least I've graduated to 2-finger typing now!!)... but filled with much love for everyone especially during this blessed Christmas season!

Long story short, I broke both my hands on Nov 20th while helping my son unload his jet ski trailer from his truck... I was sitting on the back of the trailer to add some weight (no comments please) so it would unlatch from the hitch a bit easier... and that it did... but once it released I was catapulted into the air and landed face down on the concrete driveway.... the rest is history...

Here's a picture of me (ok so it's just my "hands") holding a Get Well gift basket my boss sent me....

I'm so grateful to so many wonderful family and friends who have made meals, sent cards and gifts (lots of PJs and leisure wear), taken me Christmas shopping, wrapped all my Christmas gifts, chatted on the phone and spent many hours just visiting with me during this time, and to Anne who has given me my cute pixie haircut...  and of course my Superman husband has done EVERYTHING for me as you can only imagine.... he's been my right-hand man (and left hand too!!)....

I'll still not be able to post every day, but will definitely do what I can... after all I can claim it as Physical Therapy... right?

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