Saturday, April 30

First comes Loves, Then comes Marriage.....

Then comes baby in a baby carriage! Well this baby is gonna be in the bathtub playing with a darling rubber ducky!  Babies are so precious... a true miracle and always a gift from God.

So it's no wonder I loved making these baby cards for BBB Stamp-a-Stack.

Think this Rubber Ducky is my favorite....
from the layers of water waves
to the details of the feather duck hair..
just too cute

And whether it's a Boy or it's a Girl... everyone loves Onesies!

So now that William and Kate are officially married...
wonder how soon it will be before we see HRH Jr.
For those of you who don't know what HRH is...
Her Royal Highness or His Royal Highness.
I must admit I just learned that myself!

Friday, April 29

The Royal Wedding... cake?

I love weddings.... the Brides are always so beautiful... the Grooms are always so nervous... and the cake is always delicious! And today the Royal Wedding is taking place.... so in honor of  William and Kate... I'm sharing my "Let Them Eat Cake" card.... another BBB Stamp-a-Stack card for next weekend!

I was tickled at how well this turned out.... hope you enjoy it!

Do ya think it's chocolate?

Thursday, April 28

Happy Secretary's Day!

Usually I'm not so clueless... but somehow this one escaped me. I totally forgot that yesterday was Secretary's Day. I remembered a few weeks ago.. and told my self "don't forget"... but duh... I forgot!

So when I walked into work yesterday morning Monica had brought in an awesome pan full of warm delicious gooey rich sweet brownies... fresh out of the oven that morning! What a treat.. and hey wait... that's backwards.... I'm her "boss" .. she shouldn't be bringing things to me... I should have had something for her.. but we're actually a "team" and both work administrative positions in the office... regardless it made me feel very special.. thank you my dear friend!

Then early afternoon I get these beautiful flowers delivered to me from my boss... wow what an arrangement....... and wish you  had smell-a-vision... they are so fragrant!

When I got home, Jerry, my REAL boss, was fixing dinner for us... tacos and refried beans! So clever as he is... I was telling him about the brownies and the  flowers cuz "it's Secretary's Day ya know"... and he quickly looked at me and said... "yea I know.. that's why I'm fixing dinner for you".... yea right.

OK giving him the benefit of the doubt.. here's the delicious dinner we had... which could be repeated next week for Cinco de Mayo!

I could use a few more days like today...
 it was wonderful to feel so appreciated!

Hope all you "secretaries" out there were
spoiled and showered with goodies too!

Wednesday, April 27

Fabulous Florets

Hello Hello Hello

This is just beautiful ~ look at the effort put into this amazing card... love the layers and flower cut out.. now that's what makes a card unique!

It's made from one of the new sets you'll find in the Summer Mini Catalog called Fabulous Florets... the catalog begins May 1st... I can't wait!

Use cardstock for the flowers to give it a 3-d effect, be sure to do piercing on the background frame and add brads and taffeta ribbon for embellishments.


Stamps: Fabulous Florets, Happy Greetings

Paper: Soft Suede, Daffodil Delight, Peach Parfait, In Color DSP, Whisper White

Ink: Soft Suede, Basic Black

Accessories: taffeta ribbon, brads

Tools: piercing tool, dimensionals

You'll definitely not want to say
goodbye goodbye goodbye to this one!

Tuesday, April 26

More Stamping fun at Pam's!

I've been wanting to finish showing you more of the cards we made at Pam's SAS this month... just too cute... love them Pam.. thanks again my dear BFF for such a great time!

I sure hope some of these sets that have been in the Mini Catalogs will show up in the new Stampin' Up! Idea Book and Catalog come July... hummm..... who wants to bet?

Monday, April 25

Brayden's First Easter

My Easter morning yesterday started with an awesome church service... on the Power of God... and of course the Power of the Resurrection... special songs were sung and even the kids classes came in a sang to us. We heard three great interviews from Josephine, Peter and Mary the Mother of Jesus ... they read letters to us they had written about their experience with Jesus before and after his death on the cross.. it was so well done you would'a thought you really were right there... awesome way to get us to all be emotionally involved in the historical eye witnessing event.

Later I was really counting on a nice sunny Easter afternoon.. but the weather just didn't quite make it... it never really rained but just a little cool and chilly to sit outside to eat... regardless it didn't stop us from having a great family Easter BBQ... hamburgers and hot dogs topped the menu... with a little taco salad and fruit salad.... with strawberry cheesecake, coconut cream pie and boysenberry apple crunch... who could'a asked for more!

David and Holly arrived first with Brayden... and he immediately found his treats Peter Cottontail left for him.... some books and clothes and a little Winnie The Pooh riding toy... which just was a little too tall for him to actually ride but he had a great time pushing it around the kitchen floor with Grandpa!

Jerry did all the BBQing... men and their grills ya know..

The Banner families were there.... and the newest Banner family (Caleb and Rebekah) now have a new little addition to their family... no... not a baby, but a darling little puppy!! Massy is tiny little cute sweet adorable chicuacua and terrier mix... so darling with her cute little pink Easter sweater on too... and precious collar with a little bling!

Claire and Noah with little Miss Massy...

I was so tickled that Don and Darlene were able to join us and drove down from Fontana.

Brayden loves mama's necklace....

Claire gets her turn and holding Mr. cutie pie....

Brayden wasn't sure if he was allowed to touch that chocolate bunny....

Geoff just flew in on the redeye from a business trip in Hawaii...
so we were glad he made it...
here he's playing with Brayden and making him giggle....

Brayden showing off for his "grandpas"....
I think he's got them both wrapped around his baby pinky!

Now we know where Brayden gets his great smile from....

Allen made it over too...  he barely had got home
just last night from his Spring Break week camping in Mexico...
he even had the suntan to prove it!

Brayden even enjoyed reading his new books while sitting in Jerry's old high chair
~ the exact  one Jerry used some 60+ years ago!

See... there's that smile again!

He loved little Massy and had the best time
chasing her around the kitchen floor..
ya should'a heard him giggle (Brayden not Massy)...

I couldn't believe, well yes I could, that Brayden didn't once take a nap...tried as we might... but guess he put his proved his t-shirt.. did ya notice it... it says Sleep is for Humans.... but honestly at the end of the afternoon.. he literally was so tired it almost was funny.. like sleeping with his eyes opened! He just didn't want to miss a thing!

It was a very special Easter celebration... spending time with those we love!