Saturday, April 9

My Sweetie Pie

I've had an awesome week... I got out of my usual work routine for a change and took a couple of days off.... Thursday and Friday. Holly had been on Spring Break so we had planned to spend a day together and take Brayden to the Zoo or at least do something...

So David and  Holly brought Brayden down on Thursday... with a late start and bad weather we decided to wait for a better opportunity to go to the Zoo so we wouldn't have to worry about dodging raindrops. So instead we just headed for an inside Mall and had a leisurely stroll people watching, riding the elevators, enjoying some chocolate frozen yogurt, watching the guy at the kiosk fly a remote control helicopter, ran into some friends there so that was cool to show off Brayden, headed to See's Candy to bring home some sugar-free Peanut Brittle for Jerry.

In anticipation of going to the Zoo, I had also got some little plastic animals for him... ya know a little blue elephant and a purple rhino... very realistic and educational... ok maybe not. But as usual more than the toy, what attracted him most was the tag that was on it... kinda like playing with the box the toys come in more than the toy itself... so here he is with Grandpa playing "tag".... can ya see the tags in his hands... he thought he was pretty cool when Grandpa gave him TWO.....

He has the cutest smile and laugh... and is just a happy little boy.When he's got his serious face on you can just see his wheels turning and thinking what to do.Oh, and notice those teeth!!! He has four of them now!

I had bought some stacking bowls for him to play with and he was too cute with them. It came with a little ball so we played "guess which bowl the ball is under" ... and wow he did pretty good! 

He's trying to walk now... and balancing pretty well now on his own. I suspect one day soon he'll just take off... but for now it's a step or two then plop! He walks along the couch real well. Of course our hardwood floors don't help ... I'm sure carpeting would give him more of a grip.

Friday after lunch the weather actually started to clear a little... so I had a few errands to run, dropped off a stamp order to a friend, had to get gas for the weekend... and wanted to stop at Target to get some some sleeper pajamas for him but couldn't find any... gosh maybe they don't make them any more.. I loved those things for my boys. All they had were regular PJs without "feet" and everything was short sleeves... come on I know we're in Southern California but the nights are still cold... Guess I'll have to try Babies R Us.

So on the way home.. since the sun was shining and it had turned into a beautiful afternoon (so much for the weather forecast of rain)... I decided to stop at Hillary Park and see if they had the "baby" swings.. and sure enough they did... so out we trodded and ohmygoodness had a blast. I'm just so bummed I didn't think to take my camera with me since I only anticipated going to Target.... ahhhh that'll teach me. But he was just too cute and laughing so much in that little swing.

So here's one last picture of Brayden all worn out... ready for bed as he feel asleep in my lap after he had his night time bottle...

Good Night Pumpkin.... I love you!

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Lisa said...

What a blessing to have such a beautiful, happy grandchild. And what a blessing to have such an awesome Grandma!