Monday, April 11

Chicken Soup for Me????

I am just honored and wanted to share with everyone how special I feel right now. As many of you know I'm in a couple of different monthly card swaps with some awesome ladies across the nation! Well, Carol who is in Wisconsin actually donates many of our Crazy Card Club swaps she's received from us,  to the Wheaton Franciscan Home Health & Hospice group in Milwaukee.What an awesome way to share what we love doing... and let others benefit from it.

Carol had previously got our "permission" to donate our cards on her behalf... and guess what those awesome people at the Hospice center did... they sent a beautiful thank you card about Volunteers Build a Better World signed by everyone on their staff.... along with the book Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul... isn't that incredible? I am so blown away.. I can't wait to read it! They went above and beyond anything I would have imagined. Just tells you what kind of hearts they have.

Along with it came this beautiful insert telling us what they've been doing with our cards (get some Kleenex):

Your cards inspire discussion:
Our hospice volunteer uses them to help a dementia patient recall words or to just talk.

Your cards convey love:
Four to six cards are given to a wife of a patient... She uses the cards to write notes to friends and family about what is happening to her husband of 46 years.

Your cards bring hope:
Cards given to the mother of a two year old are used to write the words she cannot say to her family and ask for help caring for her terminally ill child.

Your cards give thanks:
Our volunteers and staff use the cards to write thank you notes to staff at other facilities or neighbors of patients who are especially helpful to the families we serve.

Your cards recognize special moments:
We use the cards to recognize patient birthdays; anniversaries; special efforts by the families and to recognize our staff who give their all and sometimes, more than their all.

Your cards bring joy to families who feel no joy in losing a cherished member. Thank you for your gift to our hospice and the patients and families we serve.

Thank you Carol for allowing many of us to be a part of this incredible service... I can't wait to read the Stories to Celebrate the Spirit of Courage, Caring and Community.

Wow.... what an inspiration... I'm sending more cards.. now

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