Saturday, April 23

Missing my Friend

It's a beautiful day... the Spring weather is really starting to take over and warm the mornings up alot quicker. Watermelon is starting to show up in the grocery stores again around here.... I'm noticing the wonderful spring colors blooming in the fields when I'm out and about. The kids are counting down the number of school days left in the year (ok maybe it's the teacher's who are counting). The wonderful little Cadburry Eggs wrapped in decorative foil have been stocked at the check out counters at Albertsons, forcing me to deny myself at least on shopping days. Jerry and I are starting to talk about vacation plans for this year. We're planning Brayden's first birthday party next month. So much going on... Life is definitely good.

But I miss my friend.

I still can't quite comprehend that Judee's just not out on vacation or busy at work, but that she's in fact moved on to a different home... her permanent home... and I miss her. I think of her when I stamp. I think of her when I eat my burnt popcorn. I think of her when I pray. I think of her when I watch Mama Mia. I think of her a lot.

As I was going through some pictures of cards and different projects I have, trying to find some things to share with you guys, and I came across the little Blue Stationary box and matching card set that Judee had taught at the Reed Ranch in the Spring a couple of years ago.It's a little garden set with flowers and wheelbarrows... using some darling Designer Series Paper complete with a little notebook and matching book marks. She was so dang creative.

So that's what I'm sharing today. A part of Judee. A part of life. A part of me.

She was like a little sister to me.

I miss you Judee. Just wanted you to know that.


Carol said...

I know what you mean, Gail. I think about her a lot too. Yesterday it was raining and I thought of her. I also spent the day watching Lifetime movies. :)
Miss you, Judee.

Anonymous said...

I miss her too and what a great remembrance of her. She loved you very much as you were a big sister to her. I love you too.