Friday, April 1

Easter Chicks

I remember when I was a kid, one Easter my dad, er uh, I mean the Easter Bunny left us about a half dozen of the cutest darling adorable little baby chicks.. they were just so know baby "anythings" are cute when they're little and young... but they started growing and becoming pesky and trouble to feed, not to mention the mess they made. I can just hear my dad now convincing my mom that it would be good for the girls to have some "pets".... She just kept saying, Chickens are not Pets....  An Animal Activist she was not.

Mind you we lived back in Virginia at the time.. I must have been about 4 years old. The home we lived in had a basement, as most do back there, so we kept the critters down there. I especially remember sometime during that summer.. we had a horrendous summer thunderstorm... and it flooded everywhere... I have this vision still in my head of me standing at the top of the basement stairs, watching all those gawking chickens float around the basement floor like it was Lake Michigan.... my mother was not happy.

We had a couple of other "chicken" episodes during the next several months that nearly put my mother over the edge. Oh and did I mention... of course we never got any eggs either... what a disappointment.

Anywho.... our good friends who lived down the street were in on this too... they too were blessed with Easter baby chicks (there must have been a sale ... buy six get six free or something).... The husbands thought it was great.. the wives.. not so much.

Well we tolerated the chickens for a bit... and pretty much I had grown to love my little pets... although I could never pet them, play with them, dress them up or take them for a walk.... they were still my pets.

Summer came to a close and Fall was quickly settling in. The holidays were approaching and as usual my mom was planning Thanksgiving dinner with our family and friends.... the "other chicken owners".... So I'm told, as I don't really remember but heard the stories repeatedly every year, that we had an extra special and  delicious Thanksgiving dinner that year... actually the bird seemed a little tough.. but everyone seemed to enjoy and not a "peep" was mentioned about the last holiday gathering (Easter). So here comes the coffee and desserts.... and my mom asked my dad how he enjoyed the dinner.... then proceeded to tell him.... can you guess... yes that's right... that we had just feasted on Easter chicks... thank you very much. 

Thus was the extent of my days of being a pet owner. The next pet I can remember having was about two years later after we moved to California... my mom got a black miniature poodle, named her Suzette... she was this yippey high strung scrawny and I'm sorry, ugly, dog. Not sure if that was my mom's way of getting my dad back... we'll never know... but after Suzette that pretty much was the final days of having any pets in our household.... amen.

So in honor of the floating Lake Michigan Easter chicks from Virginia.... here's a really precious Easter chick card I think you will all enjoy.....

Start out with the Daffodil Delight cardstock measuring 5.5 x 5.5 and place the fold on your Scallop Die and cut through both layers. By placing the fold on the inside edge of the Scallop Die, you've created your fold for your card. The wings are also created with the Scallop Die, just  trim each piece into a triangular shape. The feet and feathers on the top of the head are created with the 5-Petal Punch.

Card Supplies:

• Body: Scallop Die in Daffodil Delight

• Wings: Scallop Die in Daffodil Delight

• Feet: 5 Petal Punch, cut 4 in Pumpkin Pie and trim off 3 petals

• Feathers on head: 5 Petal Punch, cut 1 in Daffodil Delight and trim off 2 petals

• Eyes: 3/4" Circle Punch, cut 2 in Whisper White, cut 1 in Daffodil Delight and cut in half, 1/2" Circle Punch-cut 2 in Basic Black, 1/4" Hand-held Punch-cut 2 in Whisper White

• Beak: 1" x 1" square folded in half diagonally in Pumpkin Pie

Sponge all the Daffodil Delight cardstock pieces with Daffodil Delight Ink. Add cheeks by using a Sponge Dauber and Stampin' Pastels. Add a bow made with the Pumpkin Pie Taffeta Ribbon and you have a completed Easter Card!

Not a peep out of you now.. just go make some cards and enjoy your Easter chicks!
Even though it is April 1st, this is NOT a joke...
all facts are true and have survived the years of retold story after story.

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