Tuesday, May 31

Watercolor Wonder Sneak Peek

Yellow Yellow Kiss a Fellow.... I almost want to sing that every time I see this card. I made this Tri Flip open card quite a while ago and just love it! Actually if you look closely... it has a lot of "pieces" to it.. that's cuz I was trying to use up some of my scrap cardstock.. see, I don't throw anything away Kendra... told ya!

So get ready for some fun stamping and shopping too.. come to my June Stamp-a-Stack and Stamp Camp sale June 10th or 11th... or both!!

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day Greetings!

This is a very special day.... and I hope everyone is taking time to honor our military in some way ... whether it's a moment of silent prayer or BBQ with a Veteran or attending a Memorial Day Parade... remember what they've done for our country and our freedom they've protected. Many are not even alive today to thank and honor because they gave the ultimate price.

Now I cam across this photo someone sent me in a Memorial Day tribute... but rather than sending the entire series... this one photo stood out among all the others...... it gave me goose bumps and made me cry. Study it for awhile and see if it does the same for you.

God Bless our Military.

Sunday, May 29

Weekly Wake Up Call - Call Someone

Alright, it's time to Wake Up and Smell the Bacon..... Call someone you haven't talked to in a while.... Maybe it's an old friend you miss. Maybe it's someone you heard is having a difficult time. Maybe you haven't called your grandmother in a while. Besides, who doesn't love to be remembered?

  No multi-tasking on this one.. just sit down and focus on that person...
talk, laugh, giggle, remember, cherish... tell them you love them and why.

Hope you've enjoyed my series on Weekly Wake Up Calls....
Watch for something new next month!

Saturday, May 28

Happy First Birthday Brayden!

I can't believe it... exactly one year ago our precious Brayden Michael Reed was born... seems like yesterday! So sit back and enjoy my digital photo album... with pictures from each month of his first year....

Birthday: May 28, 2010

From Dude to Dad

Proud Mama

June 2010
(1 week old)
New Dad to Baby Boy Brayden!

Sleeping Like a Baby!
(2 weeks old)

Uncle Allen Admires his Nephew
(2 weeks old)

Grandpa Gets a Turn
(2 weeks old)

July 2010
(2 months old)
 First Vacation in Florida!


August 2010
(3 months old)

Daddy must have dressed him....

Zonked out at his own BBQ at the Reed Ranch!

Loves to Laugh!

September 2010
(4 months old)

Looks like Mr. Show Biz to me!

Loves his Daddy!

 Sleep over at Grandmas!
(hey he looks wide awake to me!)

that's better....

Loves to giggle and tickle!

First rolls over
(4 months old)

Who could resist this look?

October 2010
(5 months old)

Halloween - Brayden The Pooh!

 Wake me when it's time to trick r'treat!

Poway Train Park Halloween Party
Snow White & Winnie wait for train ride!

Hey I know that Train Engineer!
But where's Thomas????

November 2010
(6 months old)

Celebrate dad's birthday at Scripps Aquarium
Where's Nemo?

BYOB to a tickle party?

 Here we go... tickle those toes!

December 2010
(7 months old)
Baby's First Christmas!

Is Santa Coming Soon????

Christmas in the Park

Who needs Santa when I got Grandma!
(Need I say more?)

Loves his books from Aunt Claire

January 2011
(8 months old)

Loves that Jeep!

February 2011
(9 months old)

Sleep over at Grandma's
(mom & dad are away on anniversary weekend)

Becoming expert at sitting and crawling!

Loves to play ball!

Bath time in the Kitchen Sink!

That's my hoodie!

My Sweet Valentine!

March 2011
(10 months old)
First Teeth!!!

The Little Man....
Celebrating mom's birthday at California Pizza Kitchen!

Signs of walking soon....

April 2011
(11 months old)
Brayden & Grandpa love to wear plaid!


Easter Day
are those jelly beans or mom's necklace??

May 2011
(12 months old)
First Steps at the Reed Ranch

Playing at the Park

 Ahoy Mate's!

Elmo and Bedtime Stories

Cheerios for Breakfast!

 Humm... what's in this stuff?

What a character!!

Doing chores with Grandpa

Happy First Birthday Brayden!
We Love You!

You are a gift from God to us all!