Tuesday, May 10

Slip n'Slide

Did I ever show you these? I don't think so. Last Fall several of us Rubba Sistas went and spent a long weekend in Julian... I know I shared those pictures back in September and told you all about it.

Well one of the things we did that weekend was each of us had prepared a little mini lesson or make n'take... well Judee gave us tips on creating our own paper background. We used sheets of stripped paper.. it can be color design you'd like and whatever thickness of strips... doesn't matter. You'll need to have a piece of cardstock as your base, or maybe an index card or a recycles back of a card... doesn't matter.

So Judee just showed us how to cut those strips of paper into any lengths we wanted.. then take them and randomly move them from side to side (thus the name Slip n'Slide)... one by one.. to create a unique pattern in your paper. Makes every design and card different. It's a great way to make some nice "masculine" paper, and we're all always trying to come up with cards other than flowery or girlie cards. This pretty much does the trick.

When I got home from our weekend away, I went ahead and took those pieces of card index and started using more papers and different sizes and came up with a couple of unique patterns.

Here are the cards I created from the mini Class Judee taught us.

So once again... Thank you Judee for teaching us
something so simple, yet so practical.
We love you and miss you.

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