Saturday, May 14

As Promised....

Didn't want to keep you in suspense any longer.. so here's some more of the card I've received from both the Crazy Card Club and the Sisterhood of the Travelling Card Swaps!

Laura made this darling little girls' party dress...
and notice the "petticoat" showing at the bottom.. .
can you tell what it's made from... a cupcake paper liner!

This is the most well kept bird I've ever seen..
in a beautiful golden cage...
made by Shelly!

This is definitely one of those cards you can't appreciate
without seeing in person... another awesome creation by Ronnie!

Shelly's back at it with her darling creations....
F is for Friend..
and that's what she is to me!!

Pam made this one... note each flower is individually cut out..
too precious!

Betty lives in Menifee..
she made this Uppsy Daisy card for me!!

This is toooo sweet..
Mary in Chicago created this darling giant cupcake..
with a cherry on top!
This is one of my very favorites!!!

Ronnie does it again... more Thank yous..
this time spellled out on the flowers!

Laura thanks me in black and in red... I love them both!!

When Ronnie was a little girl, I'll bet she
loved paper doll cut outs..
cuz look at all this cutting she did... amazing...
now open it up and see the inside too....

Nothing can follow an act like that!

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