Thursday, September 30

Rubba Sista Fall Festival!

We are sooo excited.. The Rubba Sista Fall Festival is only nine days away.....It's being held this year October 9th once again at the Church of God in Oceanside. It's our annual Fall event. There are seven Rubba Sistas this year who are hosting and we have almost 50 people in attendance signed up and ready to come stamp the day away with us! We're breaking numbers this year!! Yippeee....

Over the years we've done it different ways. This year we are having ten Stamp-a-Stack stations; cards already designed and prepared for customers to stamp and assemble. Of course we're focusing on Fall theme...and that includes Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas plus a few miscellaneous. I think this year we've really come up with some great cards our customers will love. Plus we're using some new accessories and techniques from Stampin' Up! on each card.

We're also creating five different Make n'Takes that are just precious. I can't wait to show them to you... sorry no sneak peaks... so you'll have to wait until after the event to see.... or better yet.. just sign up to come and make your own!! I'll give you one hint.... it does include Chocolate!

One of our highlights... ok maybe it's just my highlight... is having The Taco Man cater the lunch for us... that's not his real name.. but that's just what we've come to call him. They put on this incredible spread of Mexican food, complete with variety of salsas and famous Mexican drinks. We add to the menu by bringing in some awesome desserts from Costco... cheesecakes, pies, cookies.. you get the idea!

Here's a few pictures from our Spring Fling two years ago... just to give you an idea of all the incredible projects and cards we display and create for our customers....  I tell ya, you're gonna wanna come!

Card Display Boards

At this Spring Fling we had a Shoebox Swap and Card Contest... each customer designed a card at home featuring Spring and the Stampin' Up products and brought in ten packets of their card, ready to be stamped and assembled (everything had to fit into a shoebox to transport thus the name Shoebox Swap). Then they got to go home with ten different cards they had stamped that day designed by their fellow stampers...

All cards were entered in the Card Contest..
Here's just a few... each one is numbered on a display board
and then all the customers vote for the winners!

Could you tell the Top Note Sizzix die cut was a new feature item that year from Stampin Up????

Here's some of our awesome Rubba Sistas... teaching what we love!

Pam Judee Evie

Evie's Make n'Take table

Judee is a nut.... but she's my nut!

Here's Pam teaching her Make n'Take

The Demonstrators all brought incredible projects to display as well...
you definitely don't want to forget your camera when you come to our events!!!

I'll post pictures of our Fall Festival after October 9th....
Once you see those projects and cards, you'll be sorry you missed it... so don't!!

Wednesday, September 29

Pam's Stamp-a-Stack

As I promised... wanted to share some of the awesome cards we made last Saturday at Pam's Stamp-a-Stack... and that's exactly what you do... she prepares a STACK of cards ready for us to stamp and assemble.. no thinking involved.. she's done that hard part for us!

Plus Pam always has these awesome door prizes and everyone wins something to go home with.. of course I picked the "purple" card set.... thanks Pam!!! You're the Best!

Here's my door prize gift...
its' a box full of these cards made from the Just Believe Set....

We also made several Halloween Cards from the Wicket Cool Set.. but I'm saving those to show you later as I'll be featuring them too in my October Stamp Camp on October 17th... you just might want to sign up for that one!!

Tuesday, September 28

Project Runway - Card Swaps

OK so it's time to share some of the swaps I've been receiving.... right now we're getting close to the end of the Project Runway season and it's one of my favorite shows!! I just love watching how the designers come up with ideas and how they improve .... sometimes... as the weeks progress.

They started with 16 designers and each week one has been eliminated... we're now down to the last seven ... and what a battle! There are eight gals in the swap and we've each contributed five different cards into a kitty (some shown below)... so we each got two designers.... which are always drawn out of a hat.. so ya never know who you're gonna get.

Fortunetly I'm one of those left with both my players still in the competition .. and so is Tracey... woo hoo!  Trisha, Carol, and Lori have lost both their players thus far.. Judee, Jennifer and Ruth still one one in the game. I'm not going to even try to predict who will win... cuz just when you think someone has done a good job... along come the judges with much different opinions or taste than me... humm... guess that's why I'm not a judge and they are!

Click on the link to the show if you're interested in reading about the show and designers.

If you ever want to join in on the fun on any of our TV Show Swaps, just let me know and we'll get you in next season!  Right now we've just started Survivor too and Amazing Race started this past Sunday! Hey at least it gives us another reason to stamp... as if we needed any excuse!!

Here's some of the cards the gals have sent in.... man, I hope I get to win some.. they're great!

I'll keep ya posted on who wins the Grand Prize and gets to walk the Runway!