Wednesday, September 22

Shoebox Swap in Julian

Another idea we decided on before we all went to Julian was to have what we call a Shoebox Swap. That means you prepare one card for each person to make. You provide all the "ingredients" so they can make the completed card. Everything needs to fit into a shoebox so it's easily transported... thus the name Shoebox Swap. It's like a Cookie Exchange.. you make all of one kind of "cookie" but after you've "exchanged" with everyone, you get to go home with a variety of the same amount.

So again one day last week I gave you a sneak peek of the card I prepared... Happy Together. I chose that just for the title.. cuz I knew we were all just that... Happy Together. It's a darling quail family "branching out" in the woods... exactly what the Rubba Sista's did in Julian.

Judee outdid herself as usual and made this awesome
butterfly card with vintage look.
We used both the stencil and sponging techniques.

Talk about vintage... look what Kendra did...
we called these the "Campbell Soup Kids" but they really aren't...
it's just a vintage style of that era.

Ruth couldn't decide so she just made us two!!
She's so generous she must be related to Pam....

Ruth flew out here from Florida just to be with us this weekend!!
She must have had butterflies in her stomach to come up
with these darling cards!

I'll bet that Wanda and Margie are eager for the holidays
because they both made some beautiful Christmas cards:

Here's Margies... I love the layers of "snow drifts"...
and check out my little glitter bird.. aint he cute?

See Wanda's card.. she taught us how to "shadow punch"....
note the tag has the dark shadow behind it to give it that look.
The same size punch is used for both.. tricky hun?
I think t ose are two turtle doves!

Pam did Tweety Bird... such a darling card..
and a versatile set made from the Avirary set.

I taut' I saw a putty tat.....
actually the closest thing to a putty tat we saw were some fighting squirrels!

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