Friday, September 17

Happy Birthday Monica!

My dear dear co-worker Monica is having a birthday today… now mind you I could be her mother.. in fact I’m even OLDER than her own mother…  but we’re really like sisters at work… well to tell you the whole truth I’m actually her Supervisor… but you’d never know it.

We sit right next to each other in the same “bay” area, we get along like we've worked together forever, we work like a well greased machine… we finish each other’s sentences and don’t even have to say anything to know what we’re each thinking… Do you have a friend like that! It’s a treasure and I’m so grateful for her.

So I wanted to just say Hi to Monica and wish her a very happy birthday!

Have a blast celebrating life Monica and
may your year be filled with gifts from God!!

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes (pretend I’m singing) Hippo Birdie Two Ewes
Hippo Birdie Dear Monica, Hippo Birdie Two Ewes

So how appropriate to feature this awesome Birthday Cake in her honor!
WARNING: This is NOT a real cake... I know it looks like it.. but it's not!!!
It's made from paper... of course!

I found this again on Creations on Paper.
Think I’ll be having a Class on this one to teach…
anyone wanna come????

There are 12 boxes on this cake plate and the measurements are
just perfect for 8 inch diameter cake.

The opening of the box is from the top which can be accessed by
gently holding onto the flower.

And of course it could be for any occasion.. can you imagine making this for a Wedding Shower and putting prizes into each piece of cake for the guests or Bridal party… or how about a Baby Shower… goodness now my wheels are really spinning....

It looks sooo real… good enough to eat…

And the best part is the calorie count... zero.. zippo... nada... none.
That's my kind of cake!

Oh yes and Monica, 24 is not even close to being old!!!

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