Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

May all your treats be sweet!

Sunday, October 30

Spooky Sweet Treats!

So you know I love to keep an eye on the Bakerella Blog...
so here's some darling ideas she came up with actually a
couple of years ago for Halloween...

Trick or Treats

Spooky Sweets

Hope you scream over these Halloween Cake Pops. (Frankensteins, spiders and werewolves, oh my!) These spooky sweets are sure to get you in the spirit.

All of the cake pops were hand-shaped and use the following sweet supplies:
Edible ink pensLollipop sticksChocolate candy melts (werewolves)
White candy melts (mummies, ghosts, skulls)
White candy melts tinted black with candy colorOrange candy melts (pumpkins)
Green candy melts (Witches, Frankensteins)
Purple candy melts (Witches, Frankensteins, Monsters, Bats)
Black licorice wheels (spider legs and witch hair)
Chocolate morsels (kitty ears)
Oreos (witch hats)
Hershey Kisses (witch hats)
Mini m&m’s (Frankenstein noses)
Tic tacs (Witch nose and pumpkin stem)various sprinkles
Paramount crystals (used to thin some of the candy melts)
Various shaped sprinkles for face details.
Squeeze bottles (for candy coating)
Candy writerstoothpicks (helpful in applying small amounts of coating to act as the glue)
plastic bowls

Half of them were red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting inside and the other half were pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting. The pumpkin was okay, but I liked the red velvet taste better. Something about the pumpkin and candy coating together didn’t float my boat. Maybe I should just do a book for you guys… then I could have all my how-tos in one place. Now, without further ado, here are my Halloween Cupcake Pops:

Pumpkin Pops
Jolly jack o’ lanterns
Mummy Cake Pops
Mouthless mummies
Werewolf Cake pops
Werewolves you can sink your teeth into. (These might just be my faves!)
Frankenstein Cake Pops
Frankensteins that I forgot to add the bolts onto.
Skull Cake Pops
Scary Skulls
Black Cat Cake Pops
Black Cats. Eat them if they cross your path this Halloween!
Bat Cake Pops
Bats don’t have to be black, but I do think these need some fangs.
Witch Cake Pops
Which witch? Smiling or angry?
Ghost Cake Pops
Purple Monster Cake Pops
One-eyed purple people eaters! (and some two-eyed ones too.)
Spider Cake Pops
Black licorice leg spiders
And finally, a couple of horror movie cake pops.
Horror Movie Pops

Scream!!!! It’s Jason!

Hope you guys all have a frightfully fun Halloween!

Spooky Sweets

Saturday, October 29

Pumpkins and then some....

Wowie Zowie.... and I thought our $5 Autumn Wreath yesterday was creative.... take a look at these pumpkin ideas...

Pinned Image

Bejeweled             Two Autumn Pumpkins        pumpkin         cool pumpkin

black crows and a walk in the back yard for some branches and you've got a great Halloween display       cute and simple

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Just too cute!

Friday, October 28

$5 Fall Wreath

Well 'Tis the Season.. at least it's approaching quickly!... On a tight budget? Love Fall colors? Wanna get creative???

Well, here's your chance.... take a look at this simple and colorful Autumn Wreath... amazing!

Buzz over to Hobby Lobby or Michaels or any local craft store...where this time of year  many of  the wreaths can be 50% off.... about $2.50. You should also be able to find the faux-leaves 50% off. The leaves used here were $2.50, so the whole wreath was $5.  Not bad considering every wreath I've seen in stores has been $30 or more.

The leaf stems can be tricky... you can try to wire them onto the wreath. Also use hot glue to make sure they stayon there really well. 

You can add a few acorns to give it more Fall texture..... 

 Now wouldn't ya feel pretty welcomed in this home?
The grape vine garlands framing the door really makes it complete.

Thursday, October 27

Until the next time...

So our Fall Festival 2011 came and went.... it's like Christmas, we spend days, weeks even months preparing and it's all over in a matter of minutes!! But the work was definitely worth it.. beyond words can express... 

Before we close the books on this year's event, here's just a few of the displays I didn't get a chance to show you yet... again all made by the Rubba Sistas, the greatest gals on earth....

I want to give a very special thank you to all who attended and supported our special Fall Festival and Triute to Judee Pepper! You made it very special for us and we hope it was very special for you!

Until the next time.... just keep on stampin'!