Tuesday, October 25

Tribute to Judee

It was an emotional day for all of us... filled with tears of missing Judee but at the same time filled with tears of joy just being together and able to honor Judee. Our dedicated table display and memorial donation was terrific. All the attendees were so very generous in heart and donated trememdously by purchasing Judee's stamp sets and handmade cards....

Best of all was having Judee's husband Jeff make a special appearance; accompannied by his son Nate, and his daughter Hannah who flew in from Texas, just to be here with us! Hannah has even signed up recently as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator also.... so we were able to welcome her now as an official Rubba Sista!

Jeff and Hannah presented us with some special gifts in Judee's honor.. Team Judee hats and t-shirts!

Shoppers eager to get some of Judee's treasures....
and all donations are going to the
Lifesharing Organization in memory of Judee Pepper.

Here's Susan finding a very special treasure for her to keep:

It was a very special time honoring Judee...

~ It just will never be the same without her ~

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