Thursday, October 20

Open House or Open Barn??

I've been to an Open House before, but is there such a thing as an Open Barn? Well if not, there is now! Close to 200 people came to the Sandy River Quilted Apple Retreat Grand Opening... October 9th, which ended up breaking the record for the highest apple sales EVER in one day....

And in between all that, a wonderful party was taking place where guests were thoroughly entertained, amazed at the barn design and decor, were fed til they were full and shared great stories of Francis and the Fenton Family Farm..... where Francis was often heard to mummer "It's Not a Barn Anymore" !!




When the festivities were over and everyone was pooped out..
there was Francis, having his daily bowl of ice cream .. look at that smile!
I'm thinkin' that's the secret to life...
at least 96 years of it for Francis!
...and still going strong! 

Both Carol and Francis have put many years of
blood, sweat and tears into keeping the
Fenton Family Farm active and alive!

Thank you Carol for the wonderful time we spent together,
the memories we've made and especially for your
incredible hospitality and generosity... it was an honor to be here and
we will always treasure our time
at the Sandy River Apple Farm!

I think the Quilted Apple Retreat will be a great
addition to the secret family recipe...
of Laughter, Life and Love!
God has Blessed you Richly!

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