Friday, October 14

Monogrammed Beaded Pumpkins

This is too stinkin' cute.. and too easy! How about a personally monogrammed pumpkin??? Originally saw these in some fancy smancy catalog.... some absolutely elegant pumpkins... if pumpkins can get elegant... that is!

Instead of paying top dollar, you can make these imitations...

They had glued rhinestones all over the original one in the catalog but really this a job for Beads in a Bottle!  It's such a cool product.  You can usually find it at JoAnn's. 

You really can make any design you want .... but I think monograms and swirls are pretty sophisticated!.  Just go for it and start a row of dots and then add another and another.  Keep in mind if you try this, that the beads grow a little after you squirt them out.  They kind of expand a little as they settle.  You can see there are spots where my dots overlap a little because of that.  However, if you mess up, you can always wipe that area off quickly and start over.

Doesn't it look like little jewels or beads?  

It took less them 10 minutes.  Plus,  you don't have the
giant mess as you do with carving.  

On top of that, the carved pumpkins rot quickly,
but this one will be around till Thanksgiving. 


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