Wednesday, October 19

Jerry Earns His Keep

The Fenton Farm found farmer Jerry to be a fantastic farming fanatic.

Take a look at just some of the clues:

These are Carol's three favorite men... I think....
Mike on the left (her carpenter)
Jerry in the middle (her hired help)
Jim on the right (her husband)

.....maybe it's Carol's three stooges more likely!

This is Jerry's favorite..
he got to ride on Francis' 1952 Ford Tractor...

This one needs explanation.. no, he's not harvesting a bee hive...
they're actually "shakin' trees".... there are so many apples often they can't pick them all fast enough, so often they "shake" the trees so the riper ones will fall off.. then can then be used for making apple cider... oh yes and the hat with the netting was to keep all the lovely gnats and mosquitoes away... ugh!

And here's the cider press... you just put the entire apple in whole ... well gobs of them... and start crankin.... squeeshes out all the apple juice... and leaves the apple pulp... core, skin, seeds... amazing!

And here's the cider house... or better said "cidah haus"...
it's like a little covered patio just to keep the cider press
(and pressers) out of the weather

Yes, he's my Johnny Appleseed!
I'm so glad you're home hon, I missed you gobs.... like...
apple pie without ice cream....

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