Wednesday, September 15

Julian or Bust

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! This Friday a bunch of us Rubba Sistas are taking a long weekend and heading to Julian for three days.... as Judee put it, we're going on a Stampcaton! We will stamp til we cramp! Of course we hope to get into town for some famous Julian apple pie and walk the streets where all the great little antique shops are ... hoping to find some treasures. But our first and foremost goal is STAMP STAMP STAMP!

We did this last year too but went to Big Bear.. and decided it was such a blast that we'd make it our "tradition"... thus we're sticking to our promise! There are just seven of us going this year, Pam from Carlsbad, and her sister Ruth... who is flying out from Florida!!  Then we have Margie from Oak Hill (north San Bernadino County I think)  and Wanda from Oceanside. Kendra comes from Sabre Springs and Judee from La Mesa.. and of course me too from Poway. This year Evie couldn't make it, she's from San Diego, and we're still trying to get Carol from Wisconsin to join us.. perhaps next year.

So we have quite the representation of the region! And that's what I love about our group... the miles can't keep us apart... we are the Rubba Sistas. Our motto is to Share what we Love.. and Have a Blast Doing it!

So we're each preparing a Stamp-a-Stack project for everyone to make. I'll be sharing those next week with you guys.. I can't wait to see what everyone has planned. Also a few of us have prepared special projects to do too... and of course Judee has outdone herself already. Remember Judee's the one who taught the Elements of Style class at my house a couple weeks ago.. she is amazing!

So I thought I'd share Judee's cards she's going to have us make.... keeping with the Julian "antique" theme.. these are beautiful!! And check out the darling flower.. I can't wait to learn how to make it!

Julian here we come!

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