Friday, September 24

A Very Special Day!

It's Friday!! Woo Hoo... so it's My Jerry Day... and today's he's up working at our cabin on Palomar Mountain. He went up yesterday to try to get back to some of the projects he's got going there. We purchased the cabin the year before last as a "fixer upper" and it definitely is... but I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

First I wanted to tell you about another special person in my life..... and today's his birthday... my nephew Caleb Banner turns 18 today!! Woo Hoo.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB!! I love you so much and am so excited to see what God has planned for you! You have grown up to become an incredible young man, in stature and knowledge! And we treasure all these things in our hearts.

I remember the day your were born... and can't believe how quickly these past 18 years have gone... and now to see the path ahead of you is exciting.... graduated from high school, heading toward a career and becoming engaged to be married!! Wow what a summer you've had! And your love for God is obvious. May your day be filled with love and laughter and your year be filled with gifts from God!

Caleb and Rebeka will be married January 1, 2011 and we're all so excited!

So back to my dedicated Friday blog to Jerry... he's up at Palomar and should be home today. He's only been gone one night and I miss him so much... here's a few pictures of our cabin taken last "Spring" and I say that lightly... as you'll see the snow on the ground .. and this was April the day before Easter !! oh my!

So next time I'll show you the "inside"... before and after pictures...
you will be amazed at all the work Jerry is putting into our Cabin in the Clouds!

I miss you hon.... I'll see you tonight!

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