Monday, September 13

Baby Boy Brayden!

Everyone always said that being a grandparent is incredible... and before that happens you just kinda take that in stride.. figuring those fanatic friends were just blowing things out of proportion.... well welcome to the club Gail!

Brayden is just three and a half months old... and he's already got me wrapped around his tiny fingers! This weekend I spent most of Saturday talking in this really high pitched voice... why do we do that when we talk to babies?.... "Peek a Boo"... "What's ya gonna say".... "Give me some lovin" .... "You're my little pumpkin" ...  "Tell me a story"... do I get any answers? No.. just these giant blue eyes staring back at me.. cooing and giggling and smiling... I couldn't get enough...

So here's a few shots of the little guy who pulls at my heart strings.....
what a treasure.. what a miralce.. what a blessing!

Ahhh Life is Good!

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