Tuesday, September 21

Pam's Personal Stamp-a-Stack in Julian!

I'm so glad Pam has trouble sleeping...... cuz when she does her head goes into a tizzy and she starts thinking of all these awesome cards we can make.. .so that's exactly what she did for us in Julian this past weekend. She prepared at least ten cards for all seven of us.. and if I remember my third grade math correctly... that's 70 cards!!

So here's a few cards from Pam's Personal Stamp-a-Stack .... take a look at each and guess which one is my favorite... 

Decode this for the answer:   eht elprup eno morf eht Tsuj Eveileb Tes

Even though it's hard to choose a favorite... the answer is:
The purple one from the Just Believe Set

You can always go to her Blog under My Favorites  
to see more great ideas she has!

Thank you Pam for your awesome ideas and generosity to give to us!

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