Saturday, September 11

Toni's Muglete

I love my job. And I love the people I work with. I truly believe it's our relationships that keeps us going... wherever we're at... we all need to be needed.. it's God's plan. I've heard it said that there are only three things in life everyone needs:

1. Some one to Love
2. Some one to be Loved by
3. Some thing to look forward to

If you think of anyone or anything in your life.. it should fall in any one of those three categories.... think about it.. here they are again:

1. Someone to Love (God, Husband, Family, Friends etc)
2. Someone to be Loved by (God, Husband, Family Friends, etc)
3. Something to look forward to (Heaven, Home, Vacations, .. oh yes, and Eating!)

One of the gals I work with, Toni, has become such a dear friend. She is pretty amazing when it comes to friendships... she'll give you the shirt off her back (well maybe not the one she's wearing in the following pictures)... but pretty much she'll do anything for anyone. And I love her for it.

For me, she's built my confidence at work, she's taught me to go with the flow, she knows how to distinguish urgent from important, she finds the fun in whatever she does, she's given me food for thought.. oh yes and speaking of food... Toni has the best recipes!!  Toni and I have known each other for about 15 years. Now I must tell you, and I'm sure she won't mind me telling you this, but she's lost something like 130 pounds.. now that's inspiring! Whenever I tell Jerry that I've lost a few pounds he says  "Don't worry you'll find them"... and he's pretty much right. But Toni is a great example for me. She now sticks to eating mostly protein and veggies ... low carb and low sugar. I wanna be like her when I grow up (OK so I'm older than her already but you know what I mean!)

Well the other morning she asked me if I wanted a Muglete..... I said "a what?".... a Muglete. It's this ingenious omelet she makes in a coffee mug. As she proceeded to show me, I whipped out my handy dandy blog camera (carry it wherever I go now) and together we produced this recipe in photo format:

1. Take any large coffee mug and spray it with Pam or any non-stick spray.
Crack two eggs into the mug and scramble. Can you see the eggs in the mug?

2. Microwave for one minute. This is what it will look like.

3. Slightly pick and poke the egg mixture and then add omelet ingredients of your choice.
   In this case Toni added pieces of ham and shreded mild cheddar cheese.
(Isn't she cute?)

4. Microwave another 45 seconds.
Then slide knife around the edges to loosen the muglete so it will plop right out..
Toni likes hers on those new super thin bagels.

5. Then smoosh it down.
This is another very technical term that I'm sure
is somewhere in Julia Child's cookbook, along with plop, poke and pick. 

6. Here's the picture perfect result:

7. And the best part of the recipe... Bon Appetite!

Also note the shirt Toni will NOT give you off her back... Go Chargers!

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