Saturday, April 16

Soup of the Day

My husband is awesome... you guys already know that. And you know he loves woodworking. The cool thing is Jerry can see something, say in a store or a magazine, look at it a minute and then go down to his wood shop and just build it.... amazing. Me, I gotta analyze, measure, rearrange and probably even disassemble the original in order to create a new one...

Anywho, I come home from work one day and here sets this darling little "soup cupboard" if you will... with a couple of shelves for display behind some doors made with "chicken coop wire" complete with a chalk board and the little ledge for the chalk holder!!! He said he say it several years ago in a restaurant we were at and always wanted to make one....  amazing!

 Now I wanna go to Home Goods and find some of those cute little soup bowls or soup mixes that comes in the little burlap bags.... wouldn't that look cute in there???

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