Sunday, April 10

Weekly Wake Up Call - More than a Tip!

So how's you guys do last week... did anyone Wake Up and take flowers to a friend? I know Kendra did.. she shared with me how she took them to a co-worker to encourage her... I love it!!!

So now think back, in your earlier years, perhaps in college or as a young adult, did you ever have to wait tables? Or perhaps you did even more recently... it doesn't really matter when... or even if you didn't. We know that waiting tables is a tough job. People are hungry (which means cranky) and if the kitchen is running slow the server has to take the heat for it. Let's wake up and smell the coffee.... literally! Not only when they're pouring you another cup... or refilling your Diet Coke for the third time

So for this week's Wake Up Call, notice something you like about your waitress and leave a kind note (in addition to a tip of course!). Plus that means you get to go out to eat! Woo-hoo! If you're thinking you can't go out, you could hit a drive thru and leave a note... now wouldn't that wow someone's day!!!

Actually the other night we went to Taco Tuesday at Brigantine and had an awesome gal serve us.. Jennifer was her name...... I think I'll even go back and drop her a note.... better yet, maybe we'll hit Taco Tuesday again this week just so I can look her up! 

Let me know how your week goes.

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