Thursday, April 28

Happy Secretary's Day!

Usually I'm not so clueless... but somehow this one escaped me. I totally forgot that yesterday was Secretary's Day. I remembered a few weeks ago.. and told my self "don't forget"... but duh... I forgot!

So when I walked into work yesterday morning Monica had brought in an awesome pan full of warm delicious gooey rich sweet brownies... fresh out of the oven that morning! What a treat.. and hey wait... that's backwards.... I'm her "boss" .. she shouldn't be bringing things to me... I should have had something for her.. but we're actually a "team" and both work administrative positions in the office... regardless it made me feel very special.. thank you my dear friend!

Then early afternoon I get these beautiful flowers delivered to me from my boss... wow what an arrangement....... and wish you  had smell-a-vision... they are so fragrant!

When I got home, Jerry, my REAL boss, was fixing dinner for us... tacos and refried beans! So clever as he is... I was telling him about the brownies and the  flowers cuz "it's Secretary's Day ya know"... and he quickly looked at me and said... "yea I know.. that's why I'm fixing dinner for you".... yea right.

OK giving him the benefit of the doubt.. here's the delicious dinner we had... which could be repeated next week for Cinco de Mayo!

I could use a few more days like today...
 it was wonderful to feel so appreciated!

Hope all you "secretaries" out there were
spoiled and showered with goodies too!

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