Sunday, June 17

Happy Birthday Allen!

Today is Allen's Birthday... such a special day for us.... and as it's often happened over the years, it falls on Father's Day too... Also when Allen graduated from Poway High School... was not only his Graduation Day but his 18th Birthday too.... a very very special day I'll never forget!

So today we're having another double celebration for both... Allen and all the Father's.... I'll be taking photos all day and sharing them this week.... We're having a BBQ this afternoon with family and aim to have a nice relaxing day for everyone!

I decided to make a nice festive summer cake for the occasion.... Allen's not a fan of chocolate (he must be adopted)... so I went with more his favorite.. white with fresh fruit... Have to admit it's also a favorite of mine too... kind of a play on Holly's famous Four Season Cake she made when she had her bakery just after Culinary School and before she married David... but I digress.

So thought I'd document this and share with you guys my super duper easy summer festive celebration cake:

You'll need a white cake mix (or heaven forbid you're one of those who would make it from scratch), a container of Cool Whip, Crushed Pineapple and a box of Jello Cheesecake Pudding mix.

For the top of my cake I'm using Strawberries, Blueberries and Kiwi...
but of course you could choose fruit of your own liking...
bananas and grapes work well too.

First bake your cake and set it aside to cool completely. 
I used a 13x9 pan but it's really cool too 
when you put it in an angel food cake pan.

Add the Jello Cheesecake Pudding (powder only) into the Cool Whip. 
Drain your crushed pineapple completely, then add to Cool Whip mixture.

Spread over cooled cake.

Arrange desired fruit on top...

Wasn't that easy?
And doesn't this look pretty cool and refreshing???

If you have any leftover fruit.. just combine it all for a fruit salad....
or you may have some people who prefer not to have their cake and eat it too..
so this is for them!!!

So Happy Birthday Allen!!
We love and appreciate you so much...
so now it's time to 

And while we're celebrating....
Happy Father's Day Jerry!
I'm so grateful for the father you've been to our kids!!

Here's the  Father's Day card I give to Jerry... it's recycled every year... I just keep putting it back in the cupboard and pulling it out each year for him... cuz there's no other card that can match this one for him!

You're a classic and I love you for it!

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