Monday, February 17

Best Weekend Ever!

Ohmygoodness... we had such a fantastic weekend... well I should say a fantastic Valentine's Day/Night... my treat was to have Brayden for the day and night! There isn't anything better than that! David dropped him off on Friday morning and we pretty much hit the ground running!... unfortunately in my haste I didn't grab my camera.. .bummer so didn't get any pictures playing at the Pirate Park.... Ahoy!.... but me and 'Captain Hook' as he was known for the day,  had a mighty fine time sliding and swinging and climbing and chasing crocodiles and sea serpents on the high seas!

We didn't' leave til the sun set... swung by to pick up dinner... #1 favorite chicken nuggets of course with french fries and plenty of  ketchup... such a romantic  Valentine's dinner.. Afterwards we played cars and did puzzles with grandpa and then had a nice warm bath... aaahhhhh ... think it took about 4 seconds to fall asleep that night.

Saturday morning Jerry got the lawnmower "tractor" going so they could trim the grass... their favorite chore together.

Then they had a serious game of kick ball using the beach ball, 
before Jerry had to head down to the Train Park for his monthly volunteer day.

He spent the rest of the morning riding his bike up and down the driveway .... 

and of course stopped for a  "pick some oranges off the tree" break to enjoy....

We headed down to the Train Park to find Grandpa before his shift began 
and got a quick ride in the open cars together... 

I was so concerned to not chop Jerry's had off this time 
that I nearly missed Brayden completely!!!

While Jerry was working his shift, 
Brayden and I headed up to visit Claire; 
she was as eager to see him as I was...
she had some very special Valentine treats ready for him....

You think I spoil him??? 
...come back tomorrow and see my competition!

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