Monday, February 24

On a Roll...

So it's a new week... and I'm on a roll... here's another new project that would make an absolutely adorable gift.... especially with Spring right around the corner....


This one uses JUST the template base as a gift box.
Now I think THIS alone is FABULOUS.

That is what is SOOOOO great about the gift boxes. 
The IDEA of WHAT kind of gift presentation is entirely up to you... 
go wild and just imagine what would be a great compliment to the box... 
I’m sure your brain gets FLOODED with ideas.


So here's a great idea in case you didn't think of this one.... 
a dual planter with paper flowers!


Some of the best inspiration can come from seed packet designs.. 
you could even
tuck the seed packet in with the bouquet!
 Best part is...
 No wilting, no watering!!

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