Monday, September 8

French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Baby Fries?

French Fries are not really French food... not any more than someone with a French name is a French person.... well, you know what I mean....

Regardless, if you have the Fry Box Die doesn't mean you have to use it for making French Fry Box.. heavens no!....  We always go way outside the box.. heeheehee.. get it?? Anywho, couldn't help but share some adorable Fry Box projects al from Jackie Topa... she's sooo creative!


With a couple of snips she turned the fry box into a highchair.
 It would be cute to give at a baby shower
 instead of a card.

Frychair Cheat Sheet
A gift card fits nicely behind the baby
with a little room left over to add a few treats...
I'd suggest Cheerio's or Fishy Cheese Crackers...
dodn't all babies love them????

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