Friday, March 8

All Dressed Up Finale!

Here's the gals... all dressed up in their best stamping attire...

Saturday morning...

Jean (also ready for Mardi Gras!)

Kathy... queen of the Irish... 
in her Irish crown, t-shirt and matching shamrock socks!



Susan... pearls and all...

Then, the afternoon gals came in...
Pippa (I'm sure she's related to the Queen)

Joined by Rindy

Rindy also was wearing a treasured hairpiece...
created specially for her by her boys!!!

Rhoda with some bling

And Robin too!

Sunday afternoon came

Sarah... also wearing pearls

(she loaned her crown to the guy on her t-shirt)

And Pat, wearing an authentic
Princess Di crown... ok maybe not....
but at least she won a prize for it!

And look at the gorgeous flowers Cheryl brought me...

So we were all winners!
Thanks gals for being such great sports and coming in style!

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