Tuesday, April 15

Even More.....

Yessirree.... there's even more cards we made on Saturday... as promised....the remainder of the batch...

I just love this one..
who would'a thunk black leaves would look so elegant!

At first thought this would be hard one to do..
 but the folds were super easy!
I especially love the style since it
exposes both sides of the awesome DSP!

Fabulous & Fun
this is adorable..
reminds me of the old "half doors" from the '50s

To be honest, this card was the result of me 
holding on to these polk-a-dot pattern leftovers... 
I kept waiting for the right card to come along and use them up.... 
this seem to do the trick!

What better way to express the sentiments of Easter...
First you have Faith,
Then Grace is given
(God's Riches At Christ's Expense)
Then you can't help but Rejoice!
And the final step is revealed inside....

The Blessings!

Another version.....

For the Make n'Take I filled the darling polk-a-dot clear bags
chalk full of Hershey Easter candy.....
but the highlight is the baby chick tag...
made from the bird punch
(you just cut off his long tail then it looks like a chick!)

It was definitely a fun filled time for all.
Hope you can join us next time!

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