Friday, July 19

Sweet Ride!

Yes I'm away at Convention still... and having a blast... but am missing everyone and had Jerry on my heart especially.... hi sweetheart!.... thanks for letting me go and hope you're not out of TV dinners yet (heeheehee)...

Thinking about him, I realized I forgot to ask if any of you guys made it to the Del Mar Fair this year???  oops... I mean the San Diego County Fair? ... sorry I still refer to it by the old-fashioned name....

Anywho.... I didn't make it .. seems I go about every 5 years which is plenty enough for me... but Jerry and his Classic Car Club were featured there one day... that was kinda cool!

And what was really fun was each participant received a poster photo of themself with their car as a sweet memento!

now that's a good lookin' guy!!!
(oh yeah, and the car too)

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