Wednesday, July 31

Undefined - Stamp Carving Kit!

The newest and most exciting announcement at Convention was the revealing of new product line called Undefined... it's the stamp carving kit that will appeal to everyone! Available now for purchase!!

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCED AT CONVENTION: Watch this video to learn more about "Undefined!" Carve your own custom stamps! Available NOW!
Item #DescriptionPrice
133402Undefined Stamp Carving Kit$19.95
134808Undefined Refill Kit$9.95
124236Clear-Mount Cling Foam*$10.95

*Add a sheet of Clear-Mount Cling Foam to create your own clear-mount stamps. Mounting your stamps on the cling foam allows you to make stamps any size you want, not just what will fit on the blocks in the kit.

I can't wait to start playing around with this and creating some personal designs.. hummm... wonder if I can come up with something for ReedRanchRoad..... ya think?

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