Thursday, July 11

What Happens At Grandma's, Stays at Grandma's!

According to Brayden, the second most popular event at the Reed Ranch, after swimming, is Popsicle time!....
and his favorite is the "yellow ones"..... 
can ya tell?

Now here's the secret....after having Cheerios for breakfast,
he got to have popsicles for desert!!!
Shhhh .... don't tell mom & dad!

Another favorite food... baked beans and spaghetti... of course!
This is Tuesday's lunch on the patio after swimming,
just before Grandfather came to swoop him away....

Have a blast in Florida!
and take lots of pictures for me!

just wanted to show you the special treatment
Brayden received at the airport yesterday
for his flight to Florida... talk about a front row seat!

Keep the pictures coming Grandfather and Grandma D.....
we miss him already!
(oh yeah and we miss David & Holly too!)

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