Monday, July 1

The Second Half!

Can you believe we're starting the second half of the year... it's July 1st.... amazing!

And what better way to start that by sharing pictures of my sweetie who's really the sole purpose of my blogging... Brayden spent one day with us last week and we had a blast! Of course most of it was swimming in the pool... at 90+ degrees that was a no-brainer...

With his new little squirt guns,
Brayden and Grandpa had some
splashin' battles!

You know he's not a "baby" anymore....
especially when his vocabulary changes ..
instead of saying "all gone"... 
it's "empty"....
humm.... how is it they grow up so fast?

He kept wanting
to go to the "deep" end....and so we did..
back and forth... back and forth....
then I realized he didn't know
what the "other" end was called...
so added another new word to his
vocabulary.... "shallow" end.

He also loves to "rescue" everything and everyone...
so he made several trips over to
rescue grandpa... and bring him back
to the "shallow end" where he belonged!

In reality he has been such a life-saver...
We don't know what we'd do without him!!!

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