Thursday, January 16

Heart Hangy Things

This is absolutely a fun idea and simple Valentine project.... yes I said it.. Valentine!!!  Remember... from one holiday to the next!

Found this on Dawn Tidd's blog... and she found it on Paper Craft where apparently there is tutorial on how to make it.... but come on... I like to just examine it and do my own thing... who needs directions???? (Do I sound like a guy or what??)


You could go nuts and make a gob of these and hang them everywhere... thus the title Heart Hangy Things. She did mention that the beads are made with Simply Pressed Clay... how cool is that!!  Just shape into  little ball and put either a toothpick or skewer through the center. Then after they dry color them as desired with your Stamp and Write Markers and coat them with Crystal Effects to make them nice and shiny.

Just too sweet!

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