Friday, December 20

Quilling Christmas and then some...

I attended a Quilling class this week that my friend Mona taught... she has monthly sessions at Mira Mesa Library and cool thing all classes are FREE!!!!  .... I had a great time finally learning how to quill.

We made snowflakes.. well err uhh truth is ... I made snowflake.... Was lucky to get just one finished and here it is!  Certainly gives you a greater appreciation of what it takes and what an art this really is!!

I'm excited to get more experienced at this... 
here's some darling Quilled Christmas tags you can do too... just adorable.

Mona has agreed to teach one of my card stations
at my February SAS...
we'll be making a Valentine card with quilled hearts....
can't wait
the possibilities are endless!!
ut oh.. .look what I just found:
Pencil in February 8th for those of you who are interested!
 ps I'm sure you guys dont remember..
 but I will never forget...
the "1" year old birthday card that Mona made for Brayden...
I had to go back and look it up now that
I can so much more appreciate her work!!!

Complete with the perfect message inside too!


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