Monday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo!

Bienvenidos amigos y familiares... Espero que usted tiene una maravillosa celebración del 5 de mayo y obtener su llenar de tacos y enchaladas!

OK so I cheated and used Spanish translator to figure out all that... I suppose most of you can translate just by reading it.... especially when you see "tacos y enchiladas! OH that reminds me of a funny story... the end of each month at work I have to request a particular report to our department and as they reply I of course thank each one in my own way.... they're all super people, but one guy in particular this time sent me his report so I thanked him by saying gracias and adios or something simple like that... and he replied back quite a lengthy Spanish reply which of course I didn't understand.... so I just replied back again and said... the only Spanish I know is "tacos and enchiladas" thinking I was so smart and added a little happy face.  He reminded me that I know way more Spanish than I realize.. how could I forget  Margarita, Salsa, Tortilla, Mariachis, Nachos and Guacamole!... well guess you had to be there... I thought it was funny at least!

So did you know Cinco de Mayo is basically the Mexican version of  our St Patrick's Day?..... some thinks it's their Independence Day... but nope...that's Sept 16th.... Cinco de Mayo is merely a remembrance of a famous battle that took place in Puebla in 1862 against the French army who came to collect some battle debts.... the Mexican made a valiant stand and won the battle... but short lived as eventually the French overtook the City anyways. Apparently the odds of them winning were so overwhelming that following years they would take time to remember the battle every 5th of May! 

Now it pretty much has lost it's impact in Mexico.. but us crazy Americans are the one's who seem to think it another excuse to party and celebrate... celebrate the Mexican style of life that is rather than their infamous battle victory...  thus we've once again watered down another bit of history to make it benefit ourselves... I don't mean to sound pessimistic right now but this is a little personal test to see how many people read my blog... humm.... I could actually keep writing anything I want... Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall... hey, maybe he was in Puebla in 1862.... Doesn't really matter cuz I love doing my blog and will keep it up even for the satisfaction of  knowing I may be the only one reading it.  Honestly, I do love and appreciate those of you who do too!

So back to the topic at hand... at least I can share a great recipe with you guys.... one of our favorites... Pile Ups... it's pretty difficult so you may want to write this down.... get a bag of  Frito's and sprinkle several on your plate. fry up some ground beef and season it with Taco Seasoning... warm up a can of refried beans (Rosarito's is our recommendation), put those over the Frito's, then start piling up (thus the recipe name) toppings of your choice.. grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, green onions, salsa, cilantro, guacamole and whatever else you have on hand... voila... another authentic American version of  Mexican food... it's probably way off base and not really authentic, but then I guess so was St Patrick and the leprechauns.

I'm gonna go have a taco now.
Hasta la Vista Baby!

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