Wednesday, May 28

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Yes.. today Brayden turned FOUR YEARS OLD!!!

Happy Birthday To You Brayden!!!

You've been with us now 1,460 days.... each and every one of them precious and amazing!

Before I begin the story.... first helps to know that the night before, when Brayden was still 3,  Daddy surprised him with the transfer of Mr. Turtle.... from his home in Murrietta to his new home in Poway....They had a beautiful coi pond filled with awesome large fish but with the move, had to put them up for adoption... we thought Mr. Turtle was destined for the same, but daddy just didn't want to release him to "strangers".... thus the surprise for Brayden....

David worked hard at installing a new, much smaller, pond in our yard, now the new home to Mr. Turtle... here they are lining the bottom with some large rocks for him to climb on

This isn't an "OK" sign... it's Brayden's display
of how old he was at the time.... three.

and what he was going to be in just a few hours....

We had a fabulous day celebrating... 

For now can only give you one picture ...

because my google storage account needs updating..
sorry will finish the story as soon as I resolve this
That's  what I get for downloading a gazillion pics!

good thing one picture is worth a thousand words!!!

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