Tuesday, May 13

Pirates Rule!

We had a pre-birthday celebration for Brayden on Saturday. His birthday isn't until end of the month but Grandfather and Grandma D will be out of town, as will Mattis, Brayden's cousin... so they conjured up a wonderful Pirate Adventure celebration... complete with Swashbuckling and Sword fighting!... well, not us, but the pirates!

We went up to the Pirate Adventure Dinner Theater in Bunea Park... had a wonderful time! Brayden even got to go "on board ship" to acknowledge his birthday!

Of course he dressed for the occasion....

Great picture with Grandfather and Grandma D

So excited that Uncle Brian, Aunt Charlotta and Mattis
were able to join in the festivities!

Pre-show anticipation...
the Princesses with Pirate Brayden all waiting to enter....

Trying to figure out which eye he was suppose 
to close to see with the patch on!!!

Practicing his sword fighting...

Grandfather is a great sport...

Seated with royalty....

Brayden returns from his On Stage performance....
he showed us his gold coins and gold beads 
they bestowed upon him for his celebration!

Dinner was served throughout the performance,
then as if that wasn't enough, they brought in
a surprise birthday cake just for Brayden!!!

Wow look at all those treasures!

Making his wish.....
and blowing out the candles!

My Wish Came True!!!

I got to be Pirate for a Day!!!

Ahoy Matey!

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