Thursday, July 10

Fly Like a Bird... Swim Like a Fish... Sting Like a Bee!

Brayden loves animals ... and birds too... and thanks to Grandfather and Grandma D, he's quite "tight" with Bailey the Bird.... Bailey travels from coast to coast with them, and probably has more mileage under his belt (or should I say beak) than you and I put together!
Here's Brayden & Bailey relaxing on a Saturday afternoon.....
I think Brayden dreams of flying with him someday!

And talk about "flying"... here's Little B
flying like a bird.. right into the pool!
He took a giant turn in his swimming progress this past weekend...
doing Cannon Balls (and belly flops)
and swimming like a fish!

Look Ma.. No Floaties!!!

Oh and the Sting Like a Bee, refers to me...
yep... got me this time.... while in the pool...
oh well, comes with the territory!
Just glad he didn't get Brayden.

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