Wednesday, July 2

Stay-cation with my Surfer Dude!

I took off work a few days last week and had a mini "stay-cation"..... got to spend some special time with Brayden. First day went just him and I went to Moonlight Beach... we had an absolute blast! He had only been one other time to the beach (when he was 2) and of course didn't remember it nor was he familiar with the idea of waves and the power of the ocean..... in person that is....

We had quite an exciting time.. great opportunity to teach him about so much... sand crabs and sea shells, water and waves and the power they have... we even saw a jelly-fish (which freaked me out at first) but again great time to teach about life at the beach!

We traveled light since it was just the two of us... a towel to sit on, a bucket and shovel, graham crackers and some string cheese.... and of course some water  bottles... sweet and simple.

He absolutely loved catching sand crabs and making a new home for them in the water bottle... spent so much time "bent over" that I was sure to put sun screen also on his lower back!

I didn't even notice the girl in the background here doing handstands
until we got home and looked at the pictures!

And notice where we are here....
right in front of the Lifeguard station..
I'm no dummy.

We spent over an hour out in the waves which was the best part of the day!
Wish I could have taken my camera with me but those images of his
smiles and sound of his laughter will be forever etched in my memory!

He became fearless very quickly!
Don't tell mom, but there were a few times we nearly lost it....
those waves about took me down too!
He kept wanting to go further out....
of course the entire time we were holding BOTH hands together....
laughing and laughing and laughing.. it was awesome!

Then it was back to catching more sand crabs 
and building sand castles!

Cam you see the little guy in the bottle cap??

We kept no track of time and was I surprised to see when we
got back into the car it was after 5pm!!!
Stopped at Wendy's for chicken nuggets and fries
(with ketchup of course)...
perfect ending to a perfect day...
oh and of course Little B got to sleep all the way home...

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