Tuesday, July 8

Fussy Cutting Tip & More!

Just love to share not only card samples, but techniques and tips too... here's a couple tips from Jackie Topa.. she puts into words so easily about fussy cutting.... just don't be fussy... especially on stamps that have thick lines....

First.. here's the card she made using Kind Koala...
Kind Koala (3)
Stamp an image to cut out and stamp a second image on your card where your cut image will be going. Cut out your image trying to be close to the line but it doesn't have to perfect. Note some white space shown in the photo:
011 [640x480]

After your image is cut out color the sides using the fat end of a Stampin' Write Marker in the same color as your stamped image (see second photo) Also fill in little spots that you didn't cut out like the spaces between the Koala's toes.

012 [640x480]
On the third photo you can see the differnce between the side colored and the top.
013 [640x480]
Once the piece is glued to the stamped image on the background the lines on the cut image blend right in.
Kind Koala (2)

Take an extra step.... and create this extra sweet card:
Kind Koala
Add Crystal Effects to the hidden flower so you can attach a sucker to the flower using glue dots. It feels secure but the sucker can be removed without ruining the card... now those little Koala hands have something sweet to hold fer sure!

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