Monday, July 7

Got TP Rolls?

 Let me begin by saying that today's blog is dedicated to my dear friend Anne... you know who you are.. and why I'm dedicating this to you!! heeheehee

Did you know that you can make faux toilet paper rolls from our SU card stock? Useless information you say? I think not. Imaging finding a wonderful project to make which involves using empty toilet paper rolls and then finding you're fresh out. Imagine that!
I know I save alot of (unnecessary) things, but TP rolls is not one of them.... besides there are some items I choose not to save.  Aside from the "eeeew" factor I really couldn't imagine myself ever needing (or wanting) to stockpile them. Well I was wrong. When I saw this adorable project by Jackie Topa, I knew I was in trouble. And if you agree you may find yourself in my shoes too. Since we don't have enough time to start collecting you know you can make your own, well at least something pretty close! I thought I'd pass along this information in case anyone else finds themselves in need.

Tube Flower
All it takes is a 1/4 sheet of 8-1/2" x 11"....
nearly a perfect match... and btw,
saves you from having to "color" the TP roll...
just use cardstock color as desired!

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