Monday, August 11

Who Knew?

OK.... how come no one gave me any hints? Seriously... who knew????  Well I know something, that Jerry never ceases to amaze me... and I mean that in a good way! He did it again, out of the blue, surprised me Saturday night with a party... and we all had a blast! What a way to celebrate another year!

With the help of a few others, he organized a great BBQ complete with live music! Wow, I felt so honored and grateful to everyone who came...  God has give me the best gift ever... incredible friends & family!

Of course it caught me off guard, I did get a few shots, between the eating and music (and dancing??? tee hee hee) and horseshoe games and croquet, guitar pickin' and just visiting with everyone, it was hard to get shots of everyone...

The chefs

The incredible band

The food

The chatting

 The lawn games

The even more incredible friends

I realize I missed getting pictures of everyone..
probably because they were always on the move 
serving, cleaning and making sure all was 
taken care of... 
(yes that means you Claire & Geoff!)....

and lastly, The truth

Thank you everyone who made me feel so special!

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