Wednesday, October 22


Found these unique cards from All Things Paper.....
So who wouldn't enjoy opening a pop-up card... the unexpected surprise is enough to bring a smile to the Grinch-iest of souls. Of course the holidays are still a few weeks away, but I hope you won't mind this introduction to a brand new line of greeting cards from a small startup called LovePop.

Pop-Up Snowflake Card - LovePop
Founders Wombi Rose and John Wise met while studying naval architecture and marine engineering in college. Led in different directions by employment after graduation, the pair reunited at Harvard Business School. A school project took them to Vietnam this past January where they were wowed by handmade three dimensional cards.

The LovePop magic comes from the sophisticated paper sculpture at the heart of every design. It folds completely flat, is securely attached to the card with thread, and perfectly placed so that opening the card is a total surprise and delight to see!
Pretty clever...
but then it's made using CAD software...
way beyond my expertise!

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