Wednesday, October 1

To Sir *Paul* With Love

This one goes down in the history books for sure... at least in my record... check it off the Bucket List... etched in my memory forever... probably never will happen again.. and I'm sooooo glad I was there.... in person to see.... live on stage

Sir Paul McCartney

It was Sunday evening, September 28, 2014, 8:00pm Pacific Time
Location: PetCo Park, San Diego California USA
Attendees: Gail, Laura, Keith, Karen +about 50,000 other BFFs.

We had a BLAST! It couldn't have been a more perfect evening....

Selfie.... +photo bomber
Watching Stadium Floor Fill Up
(or better known as
Our View of the $5K Seats)

Opening Song
Eight Days A Week

Thank goodness for Jumbo-tron


First and only wardrobe change
(he took off his jacket)

Constantly changed guitars and told awesome stories
and antics between songs
This was the original guitar he used when he
wrote the song Maybe I'm Amazed for his wife Linda...
dedicated the song to her (tears)...
Did you know "Blackbird" was written during the
Civil Rights Movement here and he wrote that song about it..
go back and listen to the words...pretty moving when you realize it!

When he sang "Let It Be" everyone got out their
faux lighters (cell phone flashlights) and
waved them.. here's shot of reflection on the screen

The crescendo of Live and Let Die...
awesome & surprising Firework display!

Once the smoke cleared it took a few seconds
for Paul to get his hearing back...
unplugging his ears!

He did two tributes throughout the night
separately to John Lennon and George Harrison...

Cue Cards from the audience for 
Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na,
Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

Ya just had to be there to really get the feel.....
We're doing sing-along here to
Ob-La-Di  Ob-La-Da ~ Life Goes On

He explains Boys part....

Girls part...

He played for nearly three solid hours...
and got three standing ovations..

Final Encore explains they really
had to go home!!!
Sad Face.. no one wanted to leave!

 Evening with Paul McCartney:

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