Thursday, October 2

Monster Math!

Need to practice those Math facts with your kid?? Here's an adorable way to do that and have fun too... at least Becky Cowley does it with her kids... she use to be a Special Ed assistant working with kids who struggle to keep up in their mainstream classroom.... she worked mostly with kids who have Autism disorders and most are VERY intelligent.. just don't fit the "typical mold" and learn in different ways. So glad they are recognizing this and encouraging the kids to learn in creative ways! When they have fun they're more likely to learn.... no different than you and me!!!!

When it comes to doing homework, of course, we can't make our kids do it.  So she created this super cute and fun folder game using the Motley Monters DSP.... what a fun way to practice math facts!

She made the gameboard and instructions non-specific so you can simply change out the flash cards and use it for subtraction, multiplication, or division.
Parents and Teachers are gonna love this!

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