Monday, November 17

Allen's Office Sale

Remember earlier this month Allen participated in the Potter's Guild sale at Balboa Park. He did pretty good considering there were gobs of other potters all selling their wares.... so lots of competition.

A few days later he came over to the house with some of his leftovers so I took a half dozen pieces to work to see if the gals would be interested.... goodness! Not only were they interested but wanted more!! I had to call him up and bring more more more.... between the dragonflies and the little honey jars... they went nuts!





We didn't sell them all (yet).. so I'll leave them here a couple weeks
or until he needs them back before the holidays...
 even so he's got some extra dough back in his pockets now...
time to buy more clay!
woo hoooo!
The best part is hearing all the awesome compliments
from my co-workers!
From Braggin' Mom

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